Season 3 Speculation Thread

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Season 3 Speculation Thread

Post by Rob on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:02 am

A Look Ahead

The very small amount we know so far:

  • Breaking Bad was renewed for a third season in April '09.
  • The body bags/glasses story is over, they were just things from the plane.
  • Bryan Cranston will be directing the first episode.
  • Vince Gilligan says 'I've got a feeling we'll see more of Ted in Season 3' and that he believes Gus already knew about Walt's DEA brother in law.


  • The season stars one week after the plane crash.

So, what's in store for us next year?

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Re: Season 3 Speculation Thread

Post by gracie1 on Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:59 pm

As I had said on the other site, no way you can stay in business as long as Gus and not have law enforcement in your pocket. The question is who? He knows that Hank and Walt are brothers in law. Will blackmail Walt into killing someone in the agency, perhaps even Hank? Walt has met his match in Gus. He is a dangerous player. The tables will be reversed, Walt being the liability to Gus, instead of Jesse being the liability to Walt.

I thought about something in the finale. One of the eyes from the pink teddy floated off into the trap in the pool. Will it stay in the pool and lurk hidden in the pool? Will someone accidently get that eye caught in their throat playing in the pool?

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Season Three Plot Lines!

Post by wtwhizz on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:27 pm

Moved to the speculation thread.

So. The best show on TV is on hiatus for probably an entire year. Thus, now is a GREAT time to start speculating about the story lines that are going to be prevalent in Season three! Very Happy

Here's my list. Feel free to comment on these points or add your own!

1. Jesse's downward spiral into depression. He's devastated over the death of Jane, his first and only true love. He feels responsible and I think he also feels like his one opportunity to be happy and make something of his life has gone down the drain. How is he going to react? Will the rehab help him? Will he completely lose it? Will he and Walt continue cooking together? A lot of stuff to work out with this one.

2. Gustavo Frings and his connection to Walter Hartwell White. We knew Gus was a slick customer. He's a "cautious" man. Turns out he's also a mastermind. He's already rubbing up and getting an inside look at the DEA and the folks that are looking to shut his operation down. Now he knows about Walt's condition AND that his brother-in-law works with the DEA. What happens when Gus confronts Walt about this? Will they continue to do business together? Or will Gus see Walt as a loose end that he needs to tie up?

3. Saul Goodman, the money laundering, and "Flynn's" website for his dad. Will Saul and Walt continue to funnel money through this website? Walt's face is now on TV and in the newspaper. Will this threaten to expose his activities or will it actually help him launder the money because a bunch of "real" people decide to donate to the cause? Also, Saul was deathly afraid someone was after him when he didn't know Jesse and Walt were the ones that hijacked him from his office. How will that come into play next season?

4. The Cartel. We might have forgotten about these guys because we haven't actually seen any of them. Well, except for the traitor who's decapitated head was riding a tortoise. . . Will the Cartel finally get fed up with Walt's meth operation and come to hunt him down? Will Hank have any more run ins with these guys?

5. Skylar and Walt's problems at home. Skylar knows something is up and she's kicking Walt out. Obviously Walt can't tell her the WHOLE truth, right? I mean, if Skylar is this pissed about him lying, what'll she do if he tells her he killed a few people, has been cooking meth, and let a girl choke on her own vomit? So, will Walt make up a story? Will he tell her the entire truth or just bits and pieces?

6. Skylar and Ted. Obviously Skylar and Walt are on the outs right now and it probably isn't going to get better. Does she actually go all the way and divorce Walt? Does she stay with Walt but decide to just sleep with Ted and have an affair? Does Walt find out about this? What happens if he does?

7. The Hank/DEA angle. Hank obviously is a pretty good agent. Yeah his brother-in-law and Gustavo are meth-kingpins right under his nose, but how is he supposed to suspect them? However, Skylar is going to HAVE to give a reason for kicking Walt out, right? Surely she's going to tell Marie and Hank that Walt mysteriously came up with a lot of money. So you think eventually Hank is going to start putting the pieces together. Will he actually figure it out this next season? What happens if he does? What will that confrontation between him and the real "Heisenberg" be like?

Other minor plot lines might be Walt and Carmen's relationship which has been somewhat awkward/flirtatious at times. Will Donald play a role in the upcoming season? What does Walt do with his money? Will he keep cooking even though he's out of the woods as far as his cancer goes?

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Re: Season 3 Speculation Thread

Post by dannybva on Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:28 pm

Great post, street cred given.....I'll have to think on it so can give a good response.

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Re: Season 3 Speculation Thread

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