An argument against "Flash-Forwards"

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An argument against "Flash-Forwards"

Post by mbox on Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:58 am

Thinking about it more, I'm gonna say the flash-forwards haven't worked except in episode 1 and in the episode where Walt blows up Tuco's office.

But aside from the explosion, all the series flash-forwards have been a bait and switch:

Walt and the sirens
Tuco's grill
Pink bear

For the pilot it was understandable - it set up a very tense situation that turned out to be Walt's paranoid assumption.

But with Tuco's grill & the pink bear - both seemed an unnecessary way to create a sense of foreboding suspense and jeopardy.

I personally think it wasn't needed in either case, and that I'd count the use of it as "sleight of hand" in trying to add another layer of intrigue onto an already unpredictable story.

This isn't to nitpick, except to point out that I'd rank Breaking Bad as near perfect this season with the exception of both flash-forwards. The series zigs where others zag, and there have been so many strong points in each episode that I don't see it necessary to tease the audience by creating a sense of false danger to our main characters.

On a related note, I watched the series first 10 episodes downloaded in a row before getting into the weekly flow of the series. Once I was watching on AMC, I fought temptation to watch the "next week on Breaking Bad" previews - but when I did I also found them very misleading in a way that was unnecessary.

For instance, taking Skyler's bit of dialogue to Ted about illegality and showing it in the preview led the audience to the obvious assumption that she was talking to Walt or was getting hip to what he's been up to.

My point is that this show kicks ass and takes names on a weekly basis - I love the show because it delivers unpredictability that still feels very real. But to set up expectations for things to go in another direction only to fake you out just feels overly manipulative.

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Re: An argument against "Flash-Forwards"

Post by Pipinowns on Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:07 pm

All shows do that on "Next Week's" and that is because the network makes them.

Also you forgot about the "Grilled" flash forward, which I thought was pretty clever.

I like the fact they mix tricky and honest flash forwards. Because if they only had one of those, then the flash forwards would lose their touch.

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