The Rules + About Street Cred and Matter

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The Rules + About Street Cred and Matter

Post by Rob on Wed May 06, 2009 8:37 am

The following rules apply to all parts of the forum:

1: Try to keep all posts of high quality.

2: Do not double post in a thread within 24 hours.

3: Do not hotlink images.

4: Do not post NWS (Not work safe) content.

5: Label any NWS links accordingly.

6: Use spoiler tags if in a required area. (eg. In Season 1 forum use spoiler tags for post s1 information)

7: Do not link to illegal content/videos, such as full episodes on websites like megavideo.

Matter and Street Cred

You may have noticed these two things below members names. Street Cred is basically reputation. Click the + or - buttons if you like or dislike a post to raise or lower the posters street cred, and there reputation will also be displayed to the right of their posts.. Matter is made from a mixture of things, Including days active, amount of posts and threads, and also reputation. The higher the amount of Matter the more active the user.

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Re: The Rules + About Street Cred and Matter

Post by Pipinowns on Sun May 24, 2009 6:22 pm


I like the idea of street cred, but I find it annoying that I'm already at -1 and I haven't done anything even slightly controversial.

I'm not sure about the "matter" feature though. It seems more like a poor mans street cred. I don't see the point of having it when we already have street cred and post count.

Also, why do both street cred and matter go so high in numbers? Isn't there a way where it is just +1 and -1, so it doesn't get to the millions and beyond?

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