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Season 2

Synopsis wrote:
After killing one of his deputies, Tuco kidnaps Walter and Jesse, planning to take them to a superlab in Mexico after the DEA raids his operation. The two manage to escape after Hank kills Tuco without seeing them. Walter engineers a return home claiming to have been in a fugue state, but this excuse has numerous holes and creates increased tension in his relationship with Skyler. The DEA takes away Jesse's money, putting a strain on his partnership with Walter after he demands half of Walter's meth profit to save him from homelessness.
Jesse rents a new place and becomes romantically involved with his landlord, Jane, a recovering drug addict. He and Walter decide to become the new meth kingpins for the region themselves, but more problems come up as their enterprise expands. One of their dealers, Skinny Pete, is mugged, so Jesse is forced to confront the perpetrators. One of the addicts is killed by his girlfriend, but Jesse receives the credit, earning him fear and respect and further solidifying "Heisenberg" in the area. Another dealer, Badger, is arrested by the DEA, forcing Walter to deal with a crooked lawyer named Saul Goodman (played by Bob Odenkirk), who can offer only an expensive solution to keep Badger from snitching while also keeping him alive. Walter and Jesse attempt to intimidate Saul, but Saul makes a deal with Walter for a cut of the meth profit in return for being Walter and Jesse's legal counsel and advisor in their drug operation, further eroding their income.
Considered a hero for killing Tuco, Hank is promoted and sent to El Paso. In private, he suffers panic attacks and guilt over the killing. El Paso proves to be too much for Hank after he witnesses the severed head of a cartel snitch explode and severely injure fellow DEA officers. He is immediately sent back to Albuquerque. Meanwhile, Gretchen, Walter's former lover and co-head of Gray Matter, discovers Walter has been lying to his family about Gray Matter paying for cancer treatment. She is horrified when an angry and bitter Walter blames her and her husband, Elliott, for becoming rich off his research, although she still keeps Walter's secret for his family's sake. Skyler goes back to work for Ted Beneke, her former boss who apparently groped her when drunk, forcing her to quit. She increasingly relies on Ted for emotional support due to Walter's constant absence and strange behavior.
After Walter notices a large blotch on a scan of his chest, he believes the cancer has spread. Having only $16,000 remaining of the meth money after the numerous setbacks, he and Jesse spend several days in the desert cooking 38 pounds of meth to sell off before Walter dies. At the doctor, Walter discovers that the blotch is only a treatable side effect of the radiation and that his tumor has shrunk 80%. He plans to quit his meth partnership once the 38 pounds are sold off, but he finds himself bored with the return to his mundane life, finding pleasure only when he is distracted or dealing with dangerous situations.
When one of Walter and Jesse's dealers, Combo, is killed by rival dealers, Jesse is sent spiraling into a drug addiction that drags Jane out of her sobriety. With their remaining dealers backing out, Saul uses his connections to introduce Walter and Jesse to Gus, a cautious yet successful drug distributor, who is skeptical of Jesse. Gus reluctantly offers to buy Walter's products for 1.2 million dollars but offers him only a short time frame to deliver. Walter attempts to contact Jesse to complete the exchange, but he and Jane are incapacitated after an injection of heroin. Walter is forced to complete the trade himself just as Skyler goes into labor. He narrowly manages to complete the transaction, but he misses the birth of his daughter.
Walter loses trust in Jesse and promises to give him his share of the payout only if he agrees to go sober. Jane threatens to blackmail Walter, prompting him to turn over Jesse's share of the money. The two agree to go their separate ways, but Walter feels obligated to help Jesse. After a coincidental meeting with Jane's father, Donald, he returns to Jesse, only to discover that he and Jane have taken heroin again. While attempting to wake up Jesse, he intentionally allows Jane to asphyxiate on her own vomit.[6] Walter ends up bringing the distraught Jesse to a drug rehabilitation clinic. Meanwhile, Gus discovers that DEA agent Hank is Walter's brother-in-law.
As Walter undergoes anesthesia for his lung cancer surgery, he accidentally confirms to Skyler the existence of his secret second cell phone. This leads her to leave him several weeks later, after she systematically investigates and uncovers his lies. Walter offers to explain everything to Skyler, but she responds that she is too afraid to know the truth. After Skyler leaves, Walter sees an explosion in the skies above his home. A grieving Donald, an air traffic controller, accidentally directs two airplanes into each other in the sky above Albuquerque. In an image foreshadowed in the season's first shot, a charred pink teddy bear lands in the Whites' pool and floats there until it is collected as evidence by NTSB agents.


  • Bryan Cranston as Walter White
  • Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman
  • Anna Gunn as Skyler White
  • RJ Mitte as Walter White, Jr.
  • Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
  • Betsy Brand as Marie Schrader
  • Matt L. Jones as Badger
  • Steven Michael Quezada as Steven Gomez
  • Raymond Cruz as Tuco Salamanca
  • Krysten Ritter as Jane Margolis
  • John de Lancie as Donald Margolis
  • Christoper Cousins as Ted Beneke
  • Giancarlo Esposito as Gus


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